Wellness Examinations …

Your pets health is our priority. Through regular wellness examinations, ideally done at least once yearly, we are able to help maintain your pet as healthy as possible. Our knowledgeable doctors and staff will make recommendations about feeding, dietary needs, dental care, nutritional supplements, internal and external parasite control. We will also be happy to address any concerns you may have.


Most of our patients
cats and dogs ..

But we also have experience in treating rabbits, rodents, ferrets and pot bellied pigs.



Vaccinations …

We have a lifestyle requirement approach to vaccinations. Pets are inoculated against diseases that they are most likely to be exposed to based on their lifestyles. Not all vaccinations are required annually and these will be updated at the time of the wellness examination.

Medical Services …
For unwell animals we offer a full diagnostic work up, hospital care, intravenous fluid therapy and medication administration.

House Calls…

We offer house call services to clients and patients who prefer to have the veterinarian visit them in the comfort of their home.

End of life Care…

For owners of senior or terminally ill pets who wish for their pet to pass away at home with dignity, we offer pet hospice care, also known as palliative care.  Our goal is to make a pet’s final days or weeks more pleasant with the proper use of pain medications, dietary strategies and human interaction. Pet hospice is not a physical place, but a personal choice and philosophy based on the principle that death is a part of life and can be dignified.

Peaceful, humane euthanasia..

Euthanasia, the final act of love, can be tailored to each patient and is available at our hospital or in the privacy of your home. Our staff is trained to help guide you through this sad and difficult time.

In house laboratory …
Our in house laboratory is equipped with a VetScan and ABC analyzer for biochemistry and hematology. We are also able to evaluate urine, feces, skin and ear swabs for abnormalities. Referral testing is done through specialized veterinary laboratories.

Pharmacy …

We maintain a wide range of medications for prevention and treatment of disease. Drugs are dispensed as required in clearly labelled, child proof containers.

Prescription Diets …

Many ailments that are diagnosed in our pets can be treated and managed with prescription diets.These diets are uniquely formulated, sold only in Veterinary Hospitals and like other prescription products they are used for certain disease conditions under direction of your veterinarian.Our wide range of prescription diets for dogs and cats includes: diets that help prevent the formation of urinary crystals and bladder stones, low protein diets for kidney disease, diets for weight reduction, diets for diabetes management, diets for food allergies and many others.

Spinal Manipulation Therapy (Veterinary Chiropractic care for dogs and cats) 

Dr. Laura Whiting is offering Spinal care at Nottawasaga Valley Veterinary Hospital by appointment. She is a veterinarian certified in Animal Spinal Manipulation Therapy and Massage Therapy.

Animal Spinal Manipulation or chiropractic as it is known in human medicine, deals with restoring and maintaining the relationship between the spine and nervous system so the pet can regain and maintain its health.

Spinal manipulation adjustments can be helpful for any age group and a variety of conditions. Athletic dogs, pets with hip dysplasia, joint injuries, inter-vertebral disc disease, urinary incontinence and senior pets with arthritis are among some of the patients that may benefit from spinal manipulative therapy.

Surgical Services …
We offer a wide variety of surgical services. Spays and neuters are among the routine procedures most commonly performed. Lumpectomies, bladder stone removal and intestinal foreign body removal are among the other more common procedures performed.
For most orthopedic conditions, we work closely with Dr. Justin Levy and his team at Thornbury Veterinary Hospital.
Dental and Oral Surgery …
Our hospital is well equipped to assess and address dental disease.  Digital dental radiographs play a critical role in detecting and diagnosing dental disease.  Oral health care procedures done at our hospital under general anesthesia include, a thorough oral examination, dental radiographs, dental cleaning above and below the gum line with an ultrasonic scaler and finally polishing. Diseased teeth such as those with cavities or abscesses, fractured teeth or dead teeth are extracted surgically. The gum is then sutured closed over the extraction site to allow for optimal healing.
Hospital Services …
Our hospital ward is equipped with kennels to comfortably accommodate patients of varying sizes. Each patient is given clean, cozy bedding to rest on. An IV fluid pump is used for hospital patients receiving fluid therapy.The room is warm and has a pleasant, homey environment with soft soothing music playing in the background.

Boarding … We are able to accommodate cats for short or long visits. Dogs are welcome as well, but we only have facilities to accommodate them for short visits.